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"We feel a cosmic hole inside of us, a seemingly empty well that seems like it needs to be filled, and so we try to fill it, with money, with drugs, with sex, with success, with fame, with enlightenment, with knowledge, with all kinds of temporal experiences and states. But everything passes, everything moves, everything is forgotten, even the most blissful spiritual high, even the most shocking life-changing insights, and the hole is still there, hungry as ever, and what to do, what to do? Can anything be done to fill a non-existent hole of unknown size and depth?
We forget that in reality, there is no hole in present experience.
There is only the Whole, this vast capacity that you are, this consciousness prior to emptiness and form, filled to the brim with life, and we are That, and we have always been That: so radically Whole that it even allows the feeling of a hole into itself. Even a hole is whole here. Even a sense of lack is given cosmic permission to find rest in this warm embrace of ourselves.
Love floods the emptiness, and the search for Home never even happened."
Jeff Foster (via cazham)

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The Daughter’s Portrait (detail) - Louise Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun.



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"Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn’t suck."
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